Private Labels

Your Store. Your Logo. Your Tag.


Our label process is very easy!

Email all of the following order information to :

  1. Desired Label Option- Pick one of the options below.
    1. Satin Ribbon
    2. Regular Woven
    3. HD Damask
  2. Adobe Illustrator file of logo or Store Name w/ Font Selection.
    Example of file correct format:
    (.PDF,.JEP,.PNG files do not have enough detail)
  3. A completed Credit card Authorization Form
    A $50 deposit will be charged upon placing your order and applied to your final label purchase total after the proof has been approved.
    If you decide that you do not wish to invest in the labels a $50 store credit will be added to your online account.
  4. Approve the label proof that will be emailed to you.
  5. That is it!!

If you do not have a logo, please send the store name that you would like on the label along with the preferred font

i.e "My Cool Store Name", Edwardian Script

Font options:

Once the labels are completed we will sew a new tag inside all of your purchased merchandise before it is shipped to you. High volume orders may require additional sew time to maintain quality control standards.

Things to Consider:
  • Woven Labels : White label backgrounds will take one a lighter shade of the primary color used. i.e:
    >White background with Red print : label background will be a pale pink.
    >White background with Black print : label background will be a light grey.
    >Crisp white background requires additional white thread and weaving. Please inquire about the upcharge.
  • The label will be 22mm x 62 mm so keep the graphic as simple as possible to help ensure design clarity and quick brand recognition.
  • No additional time is needed to process a regular private label order.
  • Complex designs and multiple color options are available for an additional fee.
  • Payment is due upon design approval.
  • Merchandise can not be returned or cancelled once affixed with the private label.
  • Labels can take up to 14 days to complete. Merchandise can not be held for pending label orders.

Additional inquiries can be to sent to